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AA Or Double A (Estahban Fig)

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While dried figs exist in a wide range of Zagros range in some cities of Fars province, many of its compatriots are known as the city of Estahban. The main reason for this is the fact that the volume of fig production in this city is comparable to other cities and, of course, is less known than the products of other parts of the province. Various samples of the city's products are made and available at reasonable prices to the dear ones. The AA dry fig is actually a grain size between 20 and 24 mm and is popular among the types of figs on the market and is actually enjoyable by most people.

Note that the main difference between this type of fig and dried fig A and dried fig 3A are in grain size alone, and each of these samples has different prices based on their quality. For example, an AA dried fig can have a variety of prices so that its retail price ranges from less than 30 thousand tomans to about 35 thousand tomans. Of course, the higher prices of this product sample are formed by mixing the smelly grains and in fact the sample of the 2A product at $ 35.00 must also have a good and remarkable color, and, in a way, it's somewhat smelly.

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Fig properties
Regarding the figurine properties of the article, "Figures Properties in Nutrition; The Benefits of Therapy and Its Disadvantages" are included in the articles archive of the site to study interested individuals. However, a brief overview is given here.

The figs of one of the fruits of Paradise mentioned in the Holy Qur'an also have high nutritional and medical value and a suitable source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as a rich source of dietary fiber. Consumption is often dry. The fiber in figs plays a major role in the prevention and elimination of constipation. The consumption of figs for children and individuals who develop and recover from the disease is very beneficial for its easy digestion. On the other hand, fiber foods play an important role in weight management and control. Fibers delay hunger and thus have a special place in weight loss diets. Hence the inclusion of this product in the diet is very reasonable and useful.